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We Open More Doors

CDI is dedicated to professionalism through its one of a kind Certification Program and the support it provides garage door technicians across Canada.

About CDI


We open more doors. And it's been that way since 1971.

From the beginning, we've been setting the professional standard for maintaining and improving the door industry across Canada. Our nation-wide certification accomplishes that, and our people champion it.

Nationally recognized and respected, our membership is made up by those who value the same things we do: professionalism, safety, excellence, and above all, our people. To them, we provide the integral tools and support required to create remarkable service technicians.

Through our services, and one-of-a-kind Certification Program, we ensure proper training for an entire network of professionals who uphold higher standards in quality.

We are the education and training hub for Canada's garage door industry. And together, with our membership — made up of manufacturers, distributors, dealers and suppliers of upward acting door products and related items — we are also its voice.

Vision: CDI is the leader in building professionalism, trust and confidence in the Canadian overhead door industry.

Mission: CDI builds confidence in the ethical and technical standards and superior skills of the overhead door industry across Canada among the consuming public, member companies, and members' employees.