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We Open More Doors

CDI is dedicated to professionalism through its one of a kind Certification Program and the support it provides garage door technicians across Canada.

Professionalism – Our Advantage

As Door professionals, we have the advantage of experience, education, and the infrastructure to properly serve customers. We compete against companies and individuals who have not invested the time and money that it takes to build a quality business. It is time to let our customers and potential customers know that there is a difference, that there is a group of Professional Door Dealers in Canada who are ready to deliver professional, quality service.

CDI has developed a Consumer Education Campaign of web-based information and ads that are easily integrated into Dealers’ websites, emails, and other web applications that advise the general public about Professional CDI member companies and educate them about the costs of dealing with the pretenders who damage our industry with their shoddy work.

The strength in numbers that CDI members can rely on, along with the power of the internet, will make this a successful campaign. This is a fight for our livelihoods, and it is a fight that we need to wage daily. CDI is acting to support our members in that fight.

We are an important industry that has worked hard to develop our professional reputation in Canada. We need to show the pride we have in the work that we do, and Consumers need to know.

Campaign Assets

*Campaign assets are restricted to CDI members only. If you require assistance to access the materials, please contact the CDI Office at info@cdi-door.com